Experience high energy, personalized, and highly educational personal training with me, Alex Rabindranath. I bring my ever expanding knowledge of kinesiology, psychology, and health to provide you with the best research and techniques in training to help you reach your goals. Whether you're trying to get back in shape, maintain your fitness, lose weight, improve your sport performance, or improve your physique, I'll guide and educate you along the way with personal training sessions that are tailored for your experience, capabilities, and goals.

Personal training sessions are all an hour in length and will be structured to follow and add onto your ongoing exercise prescription. Your personalized exercise prescription will be a constantly evolving document that will include exercises and workouts specified for your needs and goals. Having this prescription will allow you to engage in training on your own time (even at home) between training sessions and have an ongoing record of your personalized program and progress, so that you will see the best results possible.

It is recommended, not only from a financial perspective, but from a training perspective, to sign up for a package that allows me to work with you over a series of training sessions. Single sessions may be beneficial to learn specific techniques or check up on your progress, but they are not great for meeting your goals in the long term. Physical adaptation (losing weight, gaining muscle mass, increasing flexibility etc.) are not visible in most people for 8-10 weeks after starting a training program, as the body primarily adapts to the first weeks of training neurologically. Multiple sessions allows us to track your progress so your exercise prescription can be adjusted to your personal adaptations and gains.

Baseline and functional movement testing (AFMS) are also highly recommended. They aid in making programs that are specific to your biomechanical limitations/needs, musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses, and can be used to monitor training progress and goals. With the purchase of training packages I offer a discount on both Fitness Assessments and Functional Movement Screens, as I believe these are essential to successful training programs.

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